Movie Apps Enhance Online Movie-Watching Experience

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Published: 29th March 2012
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Movie apps in the app store are one amongst the most popular iPhone apps categories. Movie apps like games, movie encyclopedia, etc. Are becoming an integral part of the mushrooming iPhone apps market. Movie apps are not only useful to know the information about director, producer and actors but it can also help you make your own movie collection, rent nice movies online and know when it is harmless to take a break.

There are thousands of movie apps available in the app store and android stores online. But, not all can grab usersí attention and make money. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the great movie apps that enhances the movie watching experience of movie lovers.

There are hundreds of mobile apps that allow you to watch movie online anytime anywhere. Looking at the soaring popularity and demand of online movie watching on smart phones, most of the movie communities have made their own mobile apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

For those not aware of movie communities, they are the individuals who let you see the ratings of a movie at the moment it is released, allow you to watch movie trailers and show you what others, probably, your friends are thinking about the particular movies. Some movie apps provides showtime information on the go and some help you deal with your Netflix queue. To make it more entertaining for movie addicts, these communities also offer nasty tomatoes score on their iPhone, Android and blackberry apps.

Recently when I was walking through the app store, I found a new update in the IMDb iPhone app. IMDb, internet movie database, is the biggest online database for movies and it is quite popular amongst movie lovers. This IMDb iPhone app enlist each and every detail of the movies as well as TV shows like director, producer, all actors, showtimes, trailers, user reviews, ratings, goofs, photos and must-to-watch list. This app truly enhances your usersí movie watching experience.

GerGlue is another movie app available on iPhone, iPad and Android that allow you to peep into movie information. This app will help you see what your friends like and you can win prizes for the upcoming movies. You can also ask for the recommendation. All in all, itís a great app to boost your online movie watching experience.

If you are a great movie addict, I am sure you must be looking for a way to manage LOVEFiLM, the movie rental service, queue. Well, iPhone movie apps has made that possible for you; in fact, you can also rate movies and watch trailers. Moreover, iPhone makes it easy to search and download video from YouTube.

RunPee is an amazing app with a distinctive concept. The app is all about informing you about when to take restroom breaks whilst watching movies in theatres. The app is available for both Ė iPhone and Android platform. And most importantly, itís free! However, I would suggest not reading so much description or take more breaks while watching a movie; it may distract some serious movie watchers sitting in your neighborhood.

Do you have a crazy movie app idea? If yes, donít delay any more. Hire a mobile apps development company and get your own app available on the app store.

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